Bearings are an important component in contemporary machinery and equipment.

Bearings are an important component in contemporary machinery and equipment. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body, reduce the friction coefficient during its movement, and ensure its rotation accuracy. According to the different friction properties of moving elements, bearings can be divided into two categories: rolling bearings and sliding bearings. Among them, the rolling bearing has been standardized and serialized, but compared with the sliding bearing, its radial size, vibration and noise are larger, and the price is also higher. Rolling bearings are generally composed of four parts: outer ring, inner ring, rolling body and cage. Strictly speaking, it is composed of six parts: outer ring, inner ring, rolling body, cage, seal and lubricating oil. Simply put, as long as it has an outer ring, an inner ring, and rolling elements, it can be defined as a rolling bearing. According to the shape of the rolling elements, rolling bearings are divided into two categories: ball bearings and roller bearings.


Bearing, in terms of its function, should be a support, that is, it is used to support the shaft in a literal interpretation, but this is only a part of its function. The essence of support is to be able to bear radial loads. It can also be understood that it is used to fix the shaft. The automatic selection of quick and easy bearings is included, that is, to fix the shaft so that it can only rotate, and control its axial and radial movement. A motor cannot work at all without bearings, because the shaft may move in any direction, and the motor requires that the shaft can only rotate. Theoretically speaking, it is impossible to realize the function of transmission. Not only that, the bearing will also affect the transmission. In order to reduce this effect, good lubrication must be achieved on the bearings of the high-speed shaft. Some bearings have already been lubricated, which is called pre-lubricated bearings. Most of the bearings must have lubricating oil, which is responsible for not only increasing energy consumption due to friction at high speed, but also terrifyingly easily damaging the bearings. The argument that sliding friction is transformed into rolling friction is one-sided, because there is something called Sliding bearing stuff.


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